It is Moshee’s intent and business value to do our part to protect our planet and operate in a sustainable way and this includes the following initiatives:

Moshee will follow the ethos of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Moshee will operate its offices and delivery fulfilment centres in buildings that have committed to going green!

Moshee will only package its products in environmentally sensitive and sustainable packaging

Moshee will avoid single use plastics and replace them with sustainable alternatives

Moshee will partner with delivery fulfilment partners like DHL & Blue Line express that have also committed to operating in a sustainable way

Moshee will endeavour to source the most of its product locally and minimise international transportation

Moshee will participate in and contribute to ocean, beach and other clean-up initiatives

Moshee will support initiatives to re-wild parts of our planet to allow nature to thrive

Moshee will be early adopters of electric vehicles when they become readily available

Moshee will always respect that wildlife and animals also have a right to thrive on this planet.

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